I've written a few plays, most of them funny and dark and full of thoughts I couldn't get out of my head in any other way. 
I don't have a good way to share them here, what with live theatre needing to be, well, live.  
If we ever meet I can re-enact some scenes for you. For now, here are some press and photos. 
Paper Men (2012)
To correct an injustice, a journalist fabricates a story, sparking a spectacular chain reaction of unconscious bias, casual racism and virtue signalling. 
"The show soon had us rolling around in the aisles with its larger-than-life characters and its perceptive wit about the strange state of our New Normal."
Untitled Funeral Play (2012)
When the family patriarch dies, his Hindu brother and Christian son clash on how to say goodbye. Hilarity and grief ensue. 
"[Luke] has a keen ear for snappy dialogue and hysterical one-liners...exploiting the cliches and idiosyncrasies of Singapore bureaucracy."
"This a play I wish I could watch again and again."
ORH HOR (2013)
A sketch comedy revue about Singaporean fears, fantasies, and pandas.

"For an hour and a half, the auditorium is filled with laughter, sometimes gentle giggles, sometimes powerful bursts of the tickles." 
A postmodern rom-com, commissioned by LASALLE  College of the Arts. 

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